With almost 30 years experience, Scott has handled a wide range of matters and regularly appears in County Superior Courts and South Jersey Municipal and Workers' Compensation Courts.  Scott has also appeared in the Federal District Court of New Jersey and has argued matters before the State of New Jersey Appellate Division and New Jersey Supreme Court.


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Joining Graziano & Flynn as "Of Counsel" provides clients with even more attention to their particular matter with the assistance of a number of associate attorneys and paralegals.  Rest assured, Mr. Schweiger will be responsible for handling your matter and he will be available to answer all of your questions.

Scott T. Schweiger has been practicing law since 1993 and was a sole practitioner since 2007 before joining Graziano & Flynn in 2022.  

Legal matters are often unexpected and can be a traumatic experience.   Waiting for your attorney or their office to return your call or answer your questions only adds to the stress and tension which frequently is associated with litigation.  I take great pride in expeditiously answering phone calls, messages and emails so that you can have answers to the pressing questions that can consume and distract you from your daily routine.  You may not get the response or answer that you are expecting or want to hear, but you will not suffer anguish wondering if and when your attorney will get back to you.  Each case is usually the most important thing happening in our clients' lives and we strive to treat every client and their issues with the time and attention and importance that they deserve.


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